When Monday’s are More Like Saturday’s and Five Finger Foods for Babies

five finger foods for babies

Since Babe works most Saturday’s, our Monday’s usually turn into Saturday’s! We spent this particular Monday getting the boys off to school, feeding the girls breakfast once they got up and then working on chores around the house. Is it just me, or is cleaning with your significant other a lot more fun that just cleaning by yourself?! I feel like we make a great team divvying out the tasks and get the house looking real good pretty quick! Then we have the rest of the day to just chill and play. 

Lately, little miss Lo has gotten a little tough to feed, it’s like she rather just do it herself even though she’s not even capable of it yet. haha! She tries to grab at the spoon every time it comes near her mouth and then spits out half of the food then tries to eat it off of her hand. It’s like her way of saying, “come on guys, I got this, let me do it my way,” We have recently been introducing her to different finger foods so that she can be more of the independent baby she’s trying to be 😉 We got her this cute bamboo plate and bowl set that can suction right to her highchair tray! So now she can pick the pieces of food she wants off the plate and can’t chuck it all over the floor anymore! Man oh man, she may be little, but she sure can make a big ol’ mess! 😉 buuuut it’s Otay cause we love her! baby bamboo plate

Here are Five Finger Foods baby Lo has been loving!

O N E  Cut up green beans

T W O  plain cheerios

T H R E E cut up sweet potato’s

F O U R cut up avocados

F I V E   bananas

baby bamboo bowls finger foods for babies family blogger

That face and those cheeks!!! This girl kills me on the daily.

Have a great Monday loves! Shop more bamboo products here


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