Full Hands Full Heart


Ev went to a hair class in California over the weekend, so its been just me and the little loves for a few days. Other than a slushy spill at the gas station and running out of chocolate milk for Gibs during the night, we seem to be managing fairly well. 😉

On Saturday, I got a lot of organizing and deep cleaning done that I had been putting off. Also managed to make our mountain of laundry disappear. It felt pretty amazing. With all the cleaning and organizing, I promised the little loves we could go out and do something fun. So we packed up a lunch, loaded up in the car and found our own little paradise not far from home.


The water was sooooo warm, it was almost like swimming in a bathtub. And since it’s not too hot outside yet, the warm water felt so good. Nix loved jumping in and making a huge splash with his arm floaty’s on, Jovi just hung out close to the steps were the pool was nice and shallow, and Gibby swam around with her floaty vest and hung out with Jov on the steps. My sister Chantelle and her family came along too so that was fun:)  I love that we get to live so close to them!


Copelin boy with a peanut butter and nutella sandwich mmm mmm.


I love those pouty lips! I want to kiss them right off his face. ^^


When we first got to the pool, Jovi started carefully spreading out his towel. He’s not usually a perfectionist, so it was cute to watch him get all the corners spread out perfectly, then laid down on it. He was so proud. IMG_0195IMG_0307IMG_0273

Cope and Gibby started playing hide and seek.

They were really good at coming up with places to hide 😉 I Wonder where they could be?!


My little niece, Haiven had a slushy she brought to the pool and was sharing with the boys. She took turns feeding them each a bite like a couple of baby birdies. haha they loved it. Then they started comparing to see whose tongue was the most blue.


Going places with these three isn’t always easy! But definitely worth it.

Love them more than words can express.


“Hands Full Heart Full”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

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