Lindsy’s Birthday Surprise

Lindsy, Jamie, Kylie (sister), Me, Chantelle (sister)
Over the weekend, my Best friends hubby through a surprise birthday party for her! She claims she’s hard to surprise, but with a few white lies, we managed to pull it off! and It was SO much fun.

On the night of her birthday, her hubby took her out for dinner while we all gathered at their house for the big surprise. 

We all parked down the street so our cars wouldn’t give it away. Her friend Jessie had it all decorated so cute inside! It was hard to keep the kiddos from diving into all the yumminess before they got there. When we finally heard they were on their way back from dinner, the house was buzzing with excitement and everyone yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” once they opened the front door. My Sister Chantelle filmed their entrance and you can hear their little boy Kyron be the first to yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!! in the video. It was the cutest thing EVER. 

We were all very impressed. And yes, It was as good as it looks. 
I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends & Sisters!!!
Glad we were able to pull off the big surprise and that I no longer have to lie to you linds ha! 
The weekend went by way too fast and I’m not liking that it’s already over.
 I say we just relive it over and over again shall we?!
 LOVE you girls.  

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