Summer Rain

After a crazy Sunday morning of trying to get 2 hyper boys and 1 fussy girl all fed and out the door in time for church, It was nice to spend the evening outside on the porch relaxing smelling the rain and listening to the thunder while Ev played his guitar, Gibs crawled around and the boys did a few rain dances to try and get it to rain more. The summer breeze mixed with tiny drops of rain was a refreshing change from the hot desert heat. 
As I was sitting there listening to the thunder and Ev play and watched the little ones roam around, I remembered something my Dad had taught me when I was a little girl. He would stick a long piece of grass between this thumbs and blow through it making a loud duck sound. Nixon and Jovi thought it was pretty great when I showed them it. 
Gibby was probably wondering what the heck that sound was.
The boys then each took a shot as it. 
**Move forward with faith & never look back. Strong family bond forever & always** 
Some of my favorite times we spend together is just being outside in nature.
 As a little girl, I was the same way. I loved camping, fishing, hiking and just being outside. From jumping on the tramp with a sprinkler under it to building dirt trails and jumps for my bike.
I loved being outside.
I’m noticing this trend with our little ones as well. 
Gibs will sometimes stand by the back sliding door looking outside and cry until I will open it and let her out. 
I find it pretty cute they love being outside so much. 
It gets them away from the TV and helps their imaginations run wild. 
Something Ev and I feel very strongly about. 
We watched a documentary the other day about Tiny homes and were both so intrigued and glued to it until it was over. It took the guy a little over a year to build this tiny home on the back of a trailer bed. It was small and cozy and had everything he needed. 
Our dream looks a little something like this. 
Owning a small little home, just perfect for our needs on a decent about of land with lots of trees to let the kids explore and roam free on. 
Nixon would be in charge of gathering the eggs every morning from our chickens. 
(He wouldn’t have it any other way.)
Jovi would help papa bear feed the dogs and possible goats and we would all take the dogs on walks together.
Gibson would be my little side-kick and help me with the cooking and laundry.
We would have a nice big clothes line in the backyard for hanging out our sheets and clothes that we don’t like dried in the dryer, to get that nice fresh air smell. 
We would have a decent grill for summer grilling on our back porch. 
Which I would be in charge of. 
I do the grilling & Ev does the hair;))
Those are just a few things we dream about often.
But for now, we are quite content right where we are and feel so blessed to be here and to be so close to family. 
To have healthy beautiful children & food on our table. 
Life is so so good:)

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