Daddy’s Girl

Dear Gibson,
Hey sweet girl, you have turned into quite the Daddy’s girl lately. Some nights when you are having a hard time getting to sleep, I will put you in bed with us and immediately you snuggle up close to your Daddy. You love it when we scratch your back as you fall asleep. You have the best personality and keep us all laughing. You love to make us laugh. You love hanging out with your brothers. Wherever they are you want to be.

You prefer our food over baby food. I’m crossing my fingers you will not be picky like your brothers. You love your blank (blankie) and snuggle your face deep into it whenever you are getting sleepy. You also like to bite on the corners when you are sad or teething.

You love music and have some good moves every time you hear it. You especially love it when I sing to you, which I do every night when I am tucking you into bed.

You are pretty stubborn and very persistent. When I move you away from something I don’t want you to play with, you go right back over to it.

Every time you wake up in the morning or from a nap you are smothered with loves and kisses. Your brothers call you their little princess and love you so very much.

You are our little ball of sunshine and we are so blessed to have you sweet Gibson Jade.
We love you very very much.

Love, Mama xoXox

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  • becca stowers
    November 23, 2014 at 7:18 am

    very very cute! 🙂 love you all!!