Girl’s Night Out

Before our big move out to Missouri, we had a girls night over at my Grandma Mayhew’s house.
We painted nails (duh), ate yummy food, played games, attempted air jumping photo’s and laughed, a lot. 
Miss Haiven trying to decide on a color ^^
Gibby & Auntie Kye Kye^^
Pretty Belle painting Rylee’s toes^^
Mr. Copelin. (the only boy allowed at our girls night;)
My little Sister’s and their finished Halloween toes. 
My cute Mama & Miss Haiven. <3 p="">
My Sisters and I fight so much it’s ridiculous.
 You can see it in our eyes how serious we were about this… 
Yeah, right. My Sisters are seriously my best friends and I can’t WAIT to see them!! 
A family pyramid because…. because it’s tradition. 
Finally nailed it ^^ #Gibby

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