Easter Weekend

Saturday morning Ev worked, so I took the little loves to a Easter event at James River Church. The morning went pretty smooth, a rare occasion at our house, so i was feeling pretty good once we were all dress and out of the house by 10am. We even managed to leave with socks and shoes all on the RIGHT feet. 
As I was driving, i start going through my check list to make sure I got and remembered everything i needed to. All 3 kids in the car… check. Gibby’s bink… check. Teeth brushed… oops forgot that one. Snacks for the kids… check. Extra snacks incase all hell brakes loose… check. Things were looking pretty good this point. Then I started thinking, – oh shoot, I wonder if I will need cash.. I hurried and made a quick stop by the bank, go to grab my wallet out of my purse once I’m at the atm and… crap, it’s not in it’s usual spot. DANG IT, I.forgot.my.purse. Luckily we weren’t very far from our home, so we turn around go get my purse, go back to the atm, get out the cash annnnd thennnn, FINALLY we are on our way to the Easter event. 
The egg hunt was inside. Probably a good idea on their part since it’s hard to predict what the weather will be like here in Missouri. Also, I decided to ditch the makeup this day, I usually put in on in the car but with the craziness of the morning, it just didn’t happen. So please be kind. 
Gibby wasn’t too sure about the Easter bunny, so I ended up holding her for the pic. 
She kept a hard eye on him the whole time without even a blink.
After all that excitement, we grabbed some lunch then went to the park for a picnic. 
The weather was seriously PERFECT. 
Nixon snapped the pic on the left without me even knowing. Jovi was getting “soooo tired that his legs were going to break!” so I carried him the rest of the way while pushing the other two in the stroller through the grass. It’s a dang good thing the car wasn’t far and my kids are fairly light.  
Easter Morning //
I was a little unprepared for Easter this year. Saturday night after we got the little loves ready for bed, I ran to the store to grab some last minute things to help the Easter bunny fill their baskets…
Nix was the first one up and could hardly stand it for the other two to get up. Next was Jovi, then finally Gibby. I wasn’t in any hurry to get them up because my goal was to get breakfast on the table before they did! 
Easter morning was a hit. I managed to get a few bites of their breakfast in before the mega sugar rush so I was feeling like it was a pretty successful morning. 
When Nixon got up, he ran to the kitchen window to see if the Easter bunny had hid the eggs. Once he spotted a few by the back tree he shouted, “The Easter bunny does exist!!” haha I love kids. Their excitement is so contagious, and I love them for that. 

After the hunt, they ran inside to crack the eggs open to see what was inside. By the end of it all, it looked like a huge Easter bomb exploded in our front room. It was pretty awesome. We set a timer and I had the kids see how fast they could help me clean it all up (a new trick I’ve learned to make them more excited about cleaning.) After the room was somewhat decent again, we had lunch then nap time and quiet time. The Hubs and I were able to listen to a little bit of conference during this time. It’s a bit crazy trying to watch it with little ones, so I’m glad that we can now watch or listen to it online whenever we want. You can too if you would like, just click here! <<<
Later we colored Easter eggs. I found these spill proof containers but they ended up being more of a disaster! so that was awesome. I was glad Gibby was a least napping so I only had to clean up two dyed covered boys. At least the mess was worth it because they had fun making them. Then later Ev helped me clean up AGAIN because it’s a on going thing with 3 cute but messy little hooligans. 
A few things to remember about this years Easter…

Nixon looking out the kitchen window and saying “he does exist!” When he spotted some eggs hidden by the tree.
Gibby squealing over a chocolate bunny in her Easter basket
The boys getting upset when all they found in the eggs was candy and not money.
Jovi loving his silly putty from the Easter bunny and sharing some with his sister.
Teaching them about Jesus and why we really celebrate Easter.
Gibby being a goof at the dinner table and eating all her food all gone. 
Ev helping me clean up after it looked like a Easter bomb exploded in our house – more like 3 little Easter bombs…
Gibby passing out goodnight loves & kisses to everyone, twice. 
Hope everyone had a good Easter!!

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