Involving our kiddos even at a young age

I’ll just go ahead and be the first to say how crazy we are for taking all the kiddos clothes shopping haha. But hey, we all survived and left the store standing in one piece sooo I’m pretty proud of that;) Evan and I both feel strongly about involving our little loves even at a young age in different choices or tasks we do as a Family. From helping out around the house to ideas on meals, even being involved in picking what they wear. We want them to feel like their opinion matters and that it’s just as important as anyone else’s. I love this quote by Ann Landers  “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” I love that!  It’s been one that has stuck with me through raising these sweet littles of ours.

While we were out shopping, Nixon had a few things picked out pretty quick but Jovi seemed to take his time a little more. It’s so fun seeing their different personalities and how differently they develop. Nixon likes to get things done quick and is usually the first to get bored. Jovi likes to take his time and enjoy the process more. He would go over to the clothes rack, look at all the options, pick out a couple things then go and try them on. It was so cute to watch him through this process. I love that boys so much. I could tell by the look in his eyes, he was really enjoying calling most of the shots. Nixon found some shoes he liked and two shirts, put them on the counter to check out and was done haha. He saw what he wanted, took action and made it happen. That’s one of the many things I love about that boy. Since this particular clothing shop only has a guys/boys section, Gibson, Losee and I were just there for support. Jov finally picked out a few things and then we were on out way. They actually all did surprisingly well considering.

Always feeling that bottom tooth with her tongue!

Jovi showing off one of his outfits. He ended up not liking these shorts/pants? like he thought he would but he was digging the pockets.

Playing a game while he waited for the rest of us slow-pokes to shop 😉 He’s really been loving this pottery app right now and has been making some pretty cool ones lately!

Thanks for the fun Tailor Hem!


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