Nix turns 5

Sneaky little humans. 
Nix accnounced to us the night of his birthday that it was the “bestest Birthday EVER!”
We drove up to a friends lake house Sunday afternoon to spend the night up there and celebrate Nixon’s 5th birthday. I told him we were going to have a big family sleepover party! He thought that sounded like the best idea ever. 
It was a fun little getaway to spend time together and just be us. We drove back Monday afternoon so we could take Nix birthday shopping to pick out a toy. It was a lot more exciting for him to be involved in the toy picking part rather than just opening it up on his bday. He chose a toy for him and  a toy for Jovi (such a thoughtful little guy) then we headed home for cake. 
We sang a few rounds of happy bday so nix could help light the candle a few times and blow it out. Definitely the highlight of the night for him. It was cute to watch him, he even gave his siblings a turn. After all that excitement of repeatedly blowing out the candle, and not so much excitement over the cake… we got in jammie’s and watched the Night at the Museum. Then off to dreamland it was. 
I have to admit, It was a little sad for me not being able to celebrate with family, (thank goodness for FaceTime!) I think this was the first bday we celebrated away from family with just with our little fam. It was a little weird to say the least and they were all very much missed, but in a way it was also kind of special all at the same time. 
Well we sure do love you Nixon buddy! I still can’t believe we have a five year old!
So glad we could make this day the “bestest Birthday EVER.” 
Love you to the moon and back. 

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