Signs of Summer

Grapefruits, swim suits and and sand castles or in this case, sand ice cream cones. mmm mmm. The boys each took a turn making the sand ice cream cone while the other one pretended to be the customer. Nix ordered a twist cone, and when it was Jovi’s turn to be the costumer, he order ALL chocolate. Gibby girl just had fun digging in the sand, swinging and following her big brothers around. She thinks they’re pretty funny and loves hanging around with them. 
Jovi started licking his lips right after I took this. I love watching them play and use their imagination. 
I think Gib’s really tried licking one of the sand ice cream cones. haha. 
She’s got sand all over her cute little mouth. 
GRAPEFRUIT! for Nix and Gibson and an apple for Jovi.

It makes me happy they are putting their sandbox to use! Nixon kept saying how much he wished our house had a sandbox just like Gramma’s house, so about a month ago I ended up building one for them. It turned into a fun little project and it makes me very happy they are enjoying it! 
Well we are headed to Kansas for the day for some grilling, fishing, bb gun shooting and hillbilly music.
Can’t wait! 
Happy Memorial Day!
|| Their swimming suits are found here
& the ice cream sand bucket is found here. ||

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  • Alyssa Morter
    May 25, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    Too fun! Makes me want to get my kids a sandbox!