Discovery Center in Springfield Missouri

Springfield was such a cool little town and found ourselves exploring as often as we could.
One of our favorite places we went to while we were there was the Discovery Center.
Our boys still talk about the Discovery Center ALL the time.  It’s a four story building full of a whole lot of fun and learning. Both Ev and I were really impressed with it. They had things from digging up dinosaur bones, to how our bodies work, also a few favorites was the airplane exhibit, the giant legos and discovery town.
This was also a really fun floor! We spent a lot of time here learning about some of the different cultures, something both Ev and I are very interested in and excited to continue teaching our kids as they get older.
priceless ^^
I Think this was one of my favorite rooms in the museum. Nixon’s too. Since he was little he would point out anytime someone had “glittered” (littered). It always made me so happy he was noticing that at such a young age! He still brings it up and now will say things like “that’s not being nice to our earth” or “why didn’t they just put it in the trash can?” That’s a gooood question Nixon buddy.
Just the other day he came up to me and says, “mom, we should start putting all our scrap food in a bucket and save it to make compost for our garden!” Pretty smart for a five year old if you ask me.
After the museum, we headed home for hot cocoa by the fire.
It probably wasn’t even that cold yet, but us desert people were FREEZIN’
Other fun places we’ve been in Springfield here

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