Next up on our #stowerssummerlist is Glitter Mountain! And before I go on any further with this post I have to say, DON’T FOLLOW GOOGLE MAPS TO GET TO GLITTER MOUNTAIN!!!! Only take that way if you’re up for an adventure and driving a razor or a four wheeler!!! >>>Follow the map and directions I listed below<<< It totally took us the longest craziest way possible and I’m still not sure how our mini van made it through all those bumps and dips along the way! It was CRAZY. Poor Gibosn girl got car sick from all the turns and BUMPY dirt road and lost her lunch everyyywhere. Man oh man. Thank goodness for an extra bucket and a brother willing to lend her his shirt. Ok, now back to the post! Glitter Mountain! It was so awesome! Since it ended up taking longer than we were planning on (our 20 min drive turned into an hour and a half drive.) by the time we got there the sun was behind the hill so the crystal rocks didn’t glitter like they usually do in the sun, buuuut it was still  so cool and a little less hot with the sun not beating down on us!

The little loves were in complete heaven and convinced that they were “REAL CRYSTALS” we caught Gibson’s reactions to one of the crystal she found and I die every time I look at the photo or watch the vlog. She has the best reactions EVER and keeps life so fun and entertaining!

Nix was calling this rock his tablet rock. haha

3 going on 17?!! :'(( Why does she look so old here?!!^^

Losee girl was such a champ!! She hung out in her carrier the whole time and ended up falling asleep towards the end.

When we first got there, there were people chiseling away at the mountain. There’s white powdery dust and clear rocks everywhere. So pretty!

Showing daddy her pretty rocks she found for our vlog

Here’s that reaction I was talking about! haha I can’t even handle it.

He’s the best. (insert emojii heart eyes here)

Lolo really was such a champ! Best baby evvverrr.

We ended up coming home with a bucket + a bag Nixon found full of crystals.

It’s cute how excited and protective they are about them! And we have a pretty nice crystal rock garden in our backyard now 😉

Directions if you’re driving in a mini van or car

• Find Telegraph Road in Washington, UT
• Turn south onto Washington Fields Road (300 east)
• Keep driving south on Washington Fields road.
• After a while you will go under the Southern Parkway road. (over pass)
• Soon the pavement will end.
• Take the first right onto a dirt road heading South.
• Drive about 10 miles, until you will reach some houses at the Utah/Arizona border, do NOT turn down this street, keep going straight.
• Drive about 1.5 miles. Soon you will see the glittery white mountain to your right.

Directions if you’re wanting more of an adventure

(recommended for four wheelers, ATV’s or four wheel drive vehicles ;))

**Search Glitter Mountain in google maps

• Take I-15 South to Southern Parkway
• Travel East on Southern Parkway. After 3 miles take the River Road exit.
• After crossing the AZ/UT state line, look for a sign to your left that says: Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs.
• Go about 3 miles, you will see a bathroom and the Petroglyph site.
• Continue East on the dirt road.
• About 2 miles, you will see some houses and a sign that reads, St. George 10 miles.
• Turn right at the sign.
• Drive about 1.5 miles. Soon you will see the glittery white mountain to your right.

Happy adventuring!!



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