One Car fam

Helllooo Weekend!!! Feeling pretty excited to spend the weekend with my loves. We made it through the work week, so now we are going to celebrate with homemade “Frosty’s” the boys call them (which is just vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate syrup) and Netflix.
Since our move back from Missouri, we have become a one car family. We didn’t think “dragon sword” Evan’s old Buick would make the trek back so we sold it for just enough money for gas to get back to Utah.
Ev’s new job is at 5am, so I have gotten pretty pro at transporting the kiddos from their beds to their car seats all while keeping them asleep. We have been pretty lucky that they are deep sleepers and go right back to sleep even if they do get woken up. I’ve asked them a few times if they remember when we take daddy to work early in the ┬ámorning, they always look so puzzled, laugh and say “NOPE!”
Happy Weekend!

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