six tips on staring a spring garden


I’m feeling very ready for spring! Winter has it’s pros, but I prefer spring, summer and fall! I love being outside, walking around barefoot and drawing with chalk on the driveway with the little loves.

Another thing I’m getting a little anxious about, is planting our mini garden! There’s just something about growing your own foods that really gets me excited. The kids love it too, and like to be apart of it ALL. From deciding on what to grow, to planting and watering to picking and even eating it (depending on what it is;)

I still remember helping my Grandma Sorensen out in her garden she always had a least 5 different gardens growing in her yard. I also remember helping break the green beans in her front room and throwing them into a bucket. Also the smell of tomatoes and fresh peas remind me of her. So I guess in a way, gardening is a little sentimental to me.


Here are a few tips I have found helpful and wanted to pass them along:)

6 Tips on starting a spring garden


If you are going to grow from seeds, I always prefer to start it indoors using  plant starter kits. Then once they start to grow, you can pop them out of the starter kit and plant them in your garden.


Mix regular dirt with a garden soil compost, then layer about an inch of gardening soil over the top.


Plant marigolds throughout your garden, these help keep away unwanted bugs.


Stop throwing out those egg shells! instead, save them in a bucket or bag and use them as fertilizer. Crush them up really good then sprinkle them all over your garden.


Experts say, that planting by the light of the moon actually helps your garden grow faster! It also cuts down on water waste. Who would have thought?!


The water you use to cook pasta or boil vegetables is full of left over vitamins and nutrients! Instead of throwing it out, let it cool to room temperature and then use it to water you plants. You’ll be left with a happier, greener garden.



Gibson girl was very helpful at picking out some of our plants. Sometimes a little too helpful 😉 She also would get pretty frustrated when she couldn’t figure out how to turn the wagon around, she eventually got the hang of it.


My Sister Chantelle and I were hoping to find some fiddle-leaf fig trees there… but since they are a tropical plant, we didn’t have much luck. So cactus it is.


Jovi was very helpful as well, he was so cute pulling his panda around — he always has to bring some kind of stuff animal or toy with him and today it was panda. 🙂 IMG_3166IMG_3264IMG_3258IMG_3278IMG_3285IMG_3235

My necklace is from | Mama Malas

Gibson’s dress is from | Silly Me Baby



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