Snow Day


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Our little desert town woke up to a little bit of snow a few weeks ago! The little loves were pretty excited when they poked their heads out the window to see a thin sheet of snow covering our front yard. We NEVER get snow, so to them it was like Christmas. Nixon even asked if Santa was going to come again now that we had snow. haha. We all bundled up and went outside before breakfast because I knew it wasn’t going to last long.

We threw a few snowballs at each other and then the kiddos made tracks all around the grass with their footprints. Gibson was trying her very hardest to keep up with Nixon and Jovi, she does a good job at it too. Its ‘s so cute how much she loves hanging out with them and how much they look after her.

After treading around in the snow for little while, we headed back in for some breakfast and to get the boys ready and off to school.

While they were at school, Gibson and I ran to Home Depot to get a few things so I could finish a few projects around the house, one being an office space for our front room that I’m pretty excited about! and the other one a night stand I’ve been working on. I love hands-on projects and building things has kinda become my theropy.

When The boys got home, I had lunch waiting for them and told them to hurry and eat so we could go play in the snow again! This time we drove to a park up the hill close by our house, since all the snow had already melted in our yard.

When we got there, they kids darted out of the car straight for the snow covered field. It was funny how much more snow this park got vs our place and it was only a 6 min drive away!

The little loves had fun running around and watching some older kids sled down the hill one of them was even named Nixon, which Nix thought was pretty cool. We probably only lasted about 25-30mins before we were all ready to head home for a warm bath. I sure love days like this one <3


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