Hee Haw Farms


Last week, the boys had Thursday and Friday off from school for their Fall Break, so we decided to tag along with Daddy on his trip to Northern Utah to do hair. Friday and Saturday were his busy days, so we decided to go to the pumpkin farm with him that Thursday, to fit in a little family fun before he was busy doing hair.

His brother Eston, or Uncle Eston, came along with us! They little loves are always so excited to see him. They love all their Aunts and Uncles. Family is just the best!. There were a few different pumpkin farms we were trying to decide between and ended up on picking the Hee Haw Farm in Lindon. I remembered going there one year when the boys were younger, so it was fun to go back and see all the animals and cute Halloween activities they had going on.

Nixon and Jovi’s favorite thing there was the giant slid! They would have just slid down that thing the entire time if we let them. Gibby was happy to just cheer them on at the bottom of the slide with Evan and I. She would get so excited once they had made it all the way down and would clap and laugh the entire time. It was so cute! They all loved the corn pit! Even Gibby. Nix still has a piece of dried corn in his cast from getting buried in it haha. We cannot get it out! They also loved the bunnies and each got to hold once. I love their soft spot for animals.

Some photo’s from our evening at the farm.

giant slide

It made me laugh how different the boys would go down the slide. Nix was practically doing the splits all they way down and Jovi would close his eyes and curl up into a little ball haha.

halloween activitiesimg_0188

kitty jacket img_0203

Cheering on her brothers!

tube slideimg_0262

Playing on the haystacks while we waited for the boys to go down the tube slide. I love how the simplest of things can entertain these kiddos of mine.

img_0264img_0277 feeding the animals

Feeding the goats! You would put the food in a little cup then crank the handle around to send the cup of food up to the goats. They thought that was pretty cool! Way more entertaining than just feeding them with your hand.

feeding the animals feeding the animals feeding the animalsbrothers

Evan and his little brother Eston. He just barely shaved off his beard and now is rocking the mustache haha. We love you Eston!

corn pitimg_0252img_0301 img_0295

Burying each other in the corn. This is probably when that piece of corn made its way into Nixon’s cast! The doc will have a fun little surprise when he’s cutting it off.


One of Gibson’s only requests, “Hey Mama, take a picture of me on the tractor, k!” You got it girl.

img_0237 pumpkin patch pumpkin patch

Waiting for the train ride on the pumpkins.

pumpkin patch

Nixon’s arm around Gibby! <3<3<3

train ride

My little baby bump made for a nice pillow for Jovi haha. It was a fun and very bumpy ride.


The last thing they wanted to do was pet the bunnies. And take a few of them home with us…  <3

bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies bunnies

These three + the little blessing growing inside me have my heart!!

pumpkin patch

My Jacket | Gibby’s Kitty Jacket (similar) | My shirt (but actually Evan’s shirt) haha he’s so good to me.

They all said holding the bunnies was a great day to end the day.

October is flying by!! And I’m hoping to fit in just a few more activities before Halloween sneaks up on us, but we will see.

Have a great Tuesday!


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