Peach Days


Peach Days is a celebration I’ve have been going to ever since I was a little girl! They have booths, food, crafts, kid rides, entertainment, and of course FRESH DELICIOUS PEACHES! Nix and I can’t seem to get enough of them lately, we have one every morning with our breakfast before he goes to school. Somedays he will even request a peach with this lunch. I told Ev yesterday that I’ve decided that peaches are probably the best fruit, along with strawberries and grapefruits. Ev beg to differ, he’s more of a watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes kind a guy, but together we make a great fruit salad 😉 ha! We do have a lot of things in common, but for the most part… we are very opposite. So I guess that phrase opposites attract really is a thing, because we are living proof!

We met my family at Peach Days while Ev went to the salon to do some hair. I wish he could have come with us! But Saturday’s are usually one of his busiest days, so we have to share him most Saturdays. That’s why we call our Mondays our Saturdays, because that’s his day off. But since Peach Days wasn’t on Monday, he wasn’t able to come with us this time around. Maybe next year! I’m hopeful 😉


Even though Peach Days is in September… It’s still really hot here! So we spent sometime hanging out under the misters to cool off. I actually almost black out twice from the heat! It was really weird. Thanks to my Dad and Cousin Taryn for bringing some bottled water to my rescue. This pregnancy has really been playing with me this time around! You would think it gets better with the more kiddos you have, but for me, nope! I’ve been a little more sick this time around. This may be a TMI but I dry heave at the most random smells! It usually has to do with certain foods. I’ve been avoiding Costco around food sample time because of this! But with all the craziness pregnancy brings, I am sooooo grateful for the little nugget growing inside! I felt her kick for the first time a few days ago and it was one of the best feeling ever. 🙂


I told Jovi he could sit down, I meant in the stroller but I guess he thought I meant the ground hahah. ^^


Gibby and her little cactus earrings she picked out ^^ I don’t know what I would do without my Gibby girl!!!


Nix is a little obsessed with baby Yui (my niece) we all are pretty obsessed. <3

My Sissy Kylie & cousin Taryn


“Look I’m a pretty mermaid!!!” her dream come true 🙂


Jovi was so excited to go on the giant slide! It was over in seconds but it kept him smiling all day.


Nix waited in line for 25 minutes to do this water ball thing! I’m glad it was worth the wait for him!


GIbby girl and her little cousin Haiven. Watching these two play makes me so excited for Gibby to be getting a Sister!!! I still can’t believe we are having another GIRL!!!


Nix brought along his coin collection and ended up buying all his siblings some pretty rocks for their rock collection. I thought that was really sweet of him.


Bring on the snow cones! They all had to taste test each others just to make sure they liked the ones they got.


Gibby only had a few bites of her snow cone then decided she didn’t want it anymore, so we shared a cotton candy instead, my FAVORITE. It was some of the best tasting cotton candy I’ve ever had!!! I want some more just thinking about it’s deliciousness.


The worst part of this sticky situation is that I left the wipes in the car!!! oops!! So we made the best of a water bottle and napkin.

Until next year Peach Days!



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