Soon There Will be Four!

Still can’t believe we will be adding another little one to our crew soon! Soon, there will be four little humans to look after and chase around and my two arms will be wayyyy outnumbered. I’m still trying to figure that one out and process it all but at the same time, can’t wait! My dream has always been to be a Mama and it’s crazy to think at times that I’m now living that dream, I’m a MAMA! And soon to four sweet little loves.

Ev and I have been talking about a few places we want to visit this year with all the kiddos. Going back to the beach is definitely on the top of the list! And then there are a few other places not too far from where we live that we have never been to we want to go check out. Fun things a head!

Here are some photos from our trip to Newport Beach last year. The little loves seemed to be in their happy place at the beach which made me even more happy we were able to make the trip. They are my happy!

This was only a few days after Nix had got his cast off, ^^ I love how he’s still holding it up out of the water as if it’s still on haha. It’s even in the same shape as the cast!



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