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I love how much our kiddos love to create and make inventions. I was SO excited when I first heard about KiwiCo! They create super cool hands-on projects for kiddos of all ages. The Projects in each box are designed to spark creativity, tinkering and learning and everything is designed by experts and tested by kids. #winwin I also find it so inspiring that a Mama of 3 littles is who first started KiwiCo — Makes me all the more excited to support this brand!<3

How it works is; first you pick a line, they offer projects for every age and interest! Then Select the box for the appropriate age and within a couple of days their box will show up at your doorstep! It’s so fun for the kiddos to get something new and exciting to create every month.

Each box comes with easy to read instructions on how to do and complete each project or activity.

Gibson’s box is the Peru box from their Atlas line for ages 6+ She was so excited to make her little llama!

Nixon got the art spin machine & they have been having SOOOO much fun with it!! It’s seriously so cool!!! It’s from their Tinker line for ages 9+

I love how our Lenny pup jumped in trying to be apart of all the fun! ha! Maybe they should make a box for dogs too;)
Jovi’s box was their ARCADE box from the Kiwi line for ages 5+

One of his friends came over later that day was said “wow! this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! and YOU made it?!!” I think that made Jovi boys day. 🙂

Making the pom pom prize for his arcade claw!

I wish I could have captured Losee’s high pitched squeal when we opened her box! Hers is the Alphabet Play from the Tadpole line for ages 2+

Let me know if you have any questions about these subscription boxes! My kiddos have seriously been having so much fun with them! And I love that they are learning as they are creating.

Click here to get your first month for free! All you pay is $4.95 for shipping!

xoXox, Mama Tay

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