Lunch Date and an Awesome Stroller Organizer

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, the parade of homes is here! We have been going to it for the past 15+ years and every year it just gets better. I will admit that not every house we go look through is what I would call my dream house but I love getting inspiration and ideas from each one! It’s like eye candy for me. We have only been to a few homes so far and still have a lot more to see before Sunday but I’ve liked what I have seen so far.

I know I say this all the time, but I love living by my family, I’m just soaking it all up while it lasts. The other day my sisters and I met up for lunch with our little loves while the older kids were in school. It’s so fun getting together with them because our youngest girls are all really close in age. Yui, my sister Kylie’s little girl, is only six months older than Losee and my other sister Chantelle’s Novie, so It will be so fun having all these cute Cuzzies grew up together!

I also need to point out on here how helpful Gibson girl has been with little sissy. She is the best big sissy and is always getting things for Losee and making sure she’s ok when she starts to cry. It seriously warms my heart. While we were at lunch little lo lo was starting to cry so Gibs got her her Binky out of the stroller bag and quickly gave it to baby girl. She’s just so sweet to her.

After having Losee, it seems like each of the little loves have stepped it up a little and all find their own way to help out Mama. Of course they have their moments but they really have been so sweet and helpful which makes me very happy.

I love that this pouch zips off! So if you have your money in there and need to leave the stroller somewhere, you can just zip it off and take it with you! Gibson thinks it’s pretty cool too. She’s already claimed it to be her purse for her lipgloss.

I loved the idea of having a separate bag just for the stroller aside from my diaper bag/purse I carry around with me. This stroller organizer bag has plenty of room for storing things and it just stays in my car with the stroller. So it kind of is like my emergency bag for baby girl. I have formula, a bottle, extra dipes and wipes, an outfit for baby girl, chapstick, a little swaddle and lotion in there. It has a strap you can carry around as a purse or side stroller straps you just velcro right onto the handles, super easy!

“Mom, can this be mine? I need it for my lip glosses”

Little miss Yui!!! I can’t even handle her cuteness.

Getting the bink for little Losee.

Copey boy was a little out numbered by girls, but he didn’t seem to mind.

 Stroller organizer | Mo’Unite 

My Sandals | Scout and Cloth


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