Getting Cozy for our Disney Classics Summer Marathon

We started saving up for a Disneyland trip! The little loves are sooooo excited! and have been very much involved in the whole processes. In fact, Nixon was the one who came up with the idea to turn our big water jug into a Disneyland savings bank where we can put all our loose change and chore earnings in. It’s been fun to see the excitement as we add to the jug! Ev and I want to teach our kiddos the importance of working for the things we want and also the rewards that come along with it and this has been a fun way of teaching them. We of course take into consideration their ages and give them jobs that they are able to accomplish on their own and feel good about it. We also have service chores that they get to do without earning money to also teach them the joy that comes with serving. Ev and I both feel this is important to start teaching our littles even at such a young age.

Along with saving up for Disneyland, we thought it would be fun to have a Disney movie marathon over the summer of all the classic Disney movies. We didn’t realize that our littles hadn’t seen a lot of the classics that Ev and I grew up on! So our plan is to watch them all before we take them to Disneyland. We wrote down all the movies on a piece of paper then cut them out and put them in a hat. We take turns drawing from the hat to see which movie is up next. So far we have watched 101 Dalmatians, Mr. Magoo and next will be The Little Mermaid. We searched high and low the other day for Lady and the Tramp but haven’t been able to find it for rent on our TV! So weird. There’s a movie rental store in town we might go check out to see if they have it.

We having been watching the movies either on the couch or curled up on our bed in cozy soft blankets. We got the kiddos each a blanket from Minky Couture and they are really the softest blankets we have ever owned! The little loves call them their special soft blankets and request to sleep with them every night. They have always had a special blanket they have to sleep with, It’s their sense of security and I find it to be so dang cute. I love how much my kiddos are loving these blankets and wanted to offer you a 45% off code!! The code is at the end of this post:)

I love how they were all laying the same exact way.

I went out of the room to grab something and came back to this sight! I was glad my camera was sitting right there the nightstand so I could capture this sweet moment.

Those freckles! The older get gets the more sun kisses he gets 😉

Losee was going in for a big slobbery wet one! Her kisses are the best. 😉

Hope you have a great Monday!!

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