Pismo Beach and Our New Little Friend

pismo beach

Pismo beach was probably the littles favorite beach out of all the ones we went to this trip. They collected a bucket full of sea shells and even found three sand dollar’s they were pretty proud about. Jovi asked if we could buy something with the sand dollar at one of the shops. Haha I love his sweet innocence. I told him that would be so awesome if we could but these are just for collecting and he seemed fine with that answer.

We learned a few things on this trip. One; we need to get a wagon. One of those wagons you can fold up and store in the back of your car like this one. It would be a whole lot easier to push across the sand vs Losee’s stroller! Oh man, that was hard! We ended up picking it up and caring it across the hot sand ?  Next time we will have a wagon… next time.  And two; beaches with swings and slides are total genius! and definitely a hit with our kiddos. They would run back and fourth from the beach to the swings and slide — endless entertainment.

pismo beach

Racing to the beach! Because — last one to the beach is a rotten crab 😉

pismo beach

When Evan was out playing in the waves with the littles, he found a little wondering crab! Nixon named him Patrick. In no time we had a good crowd gathered around us checking out our new little friend. I guess those types of crabs don’t normally hang out in the sandy beach area, they normally like to chill in the rocks (at least that’s what one of the locals was saying) so everyone was pretty excited about this little guy! We got a few pictures then said goodbye to our little friend and sent him on his way.

crab on the beach pismo beachPoor Ev thought I packed his swim suit and I thought he packed it, so we ended up leaving it back at the house we are staying and he was left at the beach with only his jeans and a black t-shirt, haha poor guy! He was a really good sport about it, and the next trip to the beach we made sure to remember his suit! pismo beach

Collecting sea shells.

pismo beach sand dollar

Jovi boys sand dollar he was so proud of. Love this handsome boy so much!

minnnow swim

Baby Lo hanging out with Mama <3

Her in this little bikini kills me!!

She kept watching the seagulls as they flew by. Also, her favorite thing to do was to suck on those strings on her suit! haha

p.s my suit and shorts are from here🙂

Gibson girl was so cute running in and out of the waves.

summer hats

Cuddling up with my sweet Jovi boy. I love that this boy loves to snuggle.

Drawing pictures in the sand. ^^ I loved doing this too when I was little.

One last swing before we headed home for tacos and Popsicle’s.

swings on the beach



The littles swim wear

My Top

My shorts and swim suit

The Turkish towel

The wagon I want!








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