Dragging out Summer at the Bloomington Country Club

This is probably one of my favorite photos of Nixon right now! It was all his idea and just too good haha. He’s pretty great. The other day the little loves talked me into taking them to the pool on a school night and I’m kinda glad they did. The week days always seem to fly by with the busy schedule, so it was nice to take a step back, breathe in the soon to be Fall air, and just live in the moment. 

A New favorite pool of ours is the Bloomington Country Club. It’s such a fun place with plenty to do to keep our kiddos entertained. I love that there’s a shallow end to hang out with baby Lo in, a snack shack with DELICIOUS food and drinks and the little loves can’t seem to get enough of the diving board. We easily can spend a full day there.

Oh hey handsome Jovi boy!

The nicest stranger offered to take this photo of the girls and I when she saw me struggling to get a selfie of us haha.

It was so nice of her to offer!! And her kindness made my day!!  Also, Losee trying real hard to suck on her toes.

I love watching the older three help with mothering baby lo. We call her the cuteness and she’s nothing but cuuuuute!

Look at those delicious back rolls on baby Lo! mmm mmm!

Gibson’s little hand on Jovi’s back!! Freezing this moment into a photo makes my Mama heart pretty happy.

Gosh i love them!

She’s the best big Sissy!

This is completely random for this post but not so random because it’s on my mind…. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts/books lately and I feel like I have so much I want to say on here! But don’t even know where to start. We also have been getting into Energy work and it’s been so good for our little family! I think I’ll just have to save it all for another blog post. Have a good one guys!


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