The Grocery Store

This pretty much sums up a usual trip to the grocery store for us. Gotta love it. 

Today wasn’t too bad of a day. I’m ranking it about a 7. I got up around 7:30, did my 30 min workout, meditated for 15 mins and then started boiling water for oatmeal. Nixon was the first up. He turns on the TV in the front room and sits on his little chairs in front of the TV while I finish making breakfast. Jovi joins him shortly after. Oatmeal’s ready and Gibson is the last to get up. She slept in until 10 today! I wasn’t surprised though because she was being a little stink last night and didn’t go to bed until 10. All my kids are 12 hour sleepers.

After breakfast, the boys took a bath and I dived into some paperwork and bills I had been putting off all weekend. Before I knew it, it’s already time to make lunch. Didn’t we just have breakfast though?!

After lunch, I lay Gibby down for a nap and the boys have quiet time while I ate my lunch and try to finish up all the paperwork. During this, I get a text from my Mom saying that my Dad found some pretty cheap tickets to fly the kids and I home for a visit next month! I seriously CAN’T WAIT!!

After Gibs got up, I had some library books I needed to take back and a red box that was pass due. So I load up the kids in our mini minivan or “noisey” is what the boys named it, (they’ve named all of our cars) and for some reason this one got the name nosey. The loading processes always takes longer than I would like which always takes longer than I would like. But alas, everyone is finally in and buckled up for take off.

It was cold today. Like really cold. Yesterday we were outside running around in shirtsleeves and barefoot, and now I’m shivering in multiple layers, this Missouri weather really is bipolar. I get the books and movie dropped off, and then I remember we are almost out of milk and cheese and I was wanting to make taco’s for dinner. So we make a quick stop by the grocery store.

Grocery shopping with these three little ones alone is probably one of my lease favorite things to do. I’m lucky if at least one of them will stay in the cart the entire time. Gibs is starting to be worse than the boys. Even the bag of Chips Ahoy wasn’t cuttin’ it this time.

I usually just plan for the worse and then once I make it back to the car with the groceries loaded and the kids in their car seats, I do a little victory dance and pat myself on the back that nothing was broken and that we all survived. It’s a well deserved pat if you ask me.

I make it back home just in time to get dinner going, and turn on the Bachelor (my guilty pleasure) This weeks episode was pretty epic, I loved it! The two girls that got kicked off this time around needed to go, and I wasn’t sad to see them leave. Good call Chris.

Babe ended up working really late.  He didn’t get home until almost 11, so I got all the kids ready for bed and tucked in by myself tonight, which isn’t an unusual thing. We read a few stories, I get them each a drink and put them in their beds. This process started around 8:30 but everyone didn’t fall asleep until almost 10. Some nights they go right to sleep and others it’s more of a challenge.

After they are finally asleep, I snuggled into my bed, take a deep breathe and exhaled slowly. Dang his Mom thing isn’t easy that’s for sure, and today felt a little longer than most.  But then I started thinking about our day and some of the cute things both Nixon and Jovi said and the way Gibby squeals every time she finds her blanky or baby doll laying around the house. These little loves are a lot of work. But they are so much fun and I can’t imagine life without them. They are my happy and I am their Mama. Let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us.


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  • Stacey
    February 11, 2015 at 10:29 am

    I can totally relate to this! hahaha