Making New Friends Everywhere We Go

With the new salon in place and the kiddos back in school life seems to be a lot busier lately. I think I’m just still in summer mode??‍♀️ But I’m not complaining. Sunday we try to set aside for family time since most weeks Evan ends up working Monday through Saturday. So those times we do have together as a family we don’t take for granted.

One of our favorite parks to go to is a new one in town called Thunder Junction all abilities park. It’s such a fun park and I love that they built it so that people with different disabilities are able to enjoy it as well. Such an amazing thing our community came together to build! There really is so much good in this world and that gives my heart so much hope and happiness.

Before leaving the house to head to the park, I had the thought to grab the kiddos suits but then brushed it aside because I didn’t think the water section would be on. But sure enough, it was and after running around and playing on the playground the little loves justified that they HAD to go cool down because they were DYING of HEAT (in their most dramatic tone) so their only option was to get in in their clothes. Hey you only live once right?! So why not make it fun. Our kiddos are teaching us this on the daily.

We spent a good couple hours at the park. It has a cute train that goes all around the park that you can ride on. It also a volcano that erupts every so often with smoke that comes out the top. It’s our boys favorite part when this happens! But Gibby on the other hand does not like it at all. She says it reminds her of the sound of thunder and she is not a fan of that loud sound. Her words.

One thing that I love about our little loves is how easily they all make friends. Everwhere we go they are making new friends no matter the age, ethnicity, religion or no religion just LOVE. 

 They had fun playing with their new friends on the Dino slide, and made sure that they said bye to them before we had to go. They always have so much fun at this park and usually get out plenty of energy – just in time for bed. So basically it’s a win-win for all of us 😉

Nix was so sweet helping Gibby get on and off the swing.

This is probably one of their favorite things about the park! The zip line swing.

Baby Lo was just taking it all in watching her bros and sis run around and play. She would start to giggle and smile every time one of them would run up to her and give her a big ol’ kiss.

Someone at the park commented and said she looked like a little Rapunzal with her purple dress and bare feet 🙂

Eight months old! This girl is getting so big <3


The park also has a fun music section, another favorite part of their’s. 

Family band in the making?


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