Pray for Vegas 

pray for vegas

This morning while I was taking the boys to school, I heard the most devastating and heartbreaking news that 50+ people were killed and 400 injured last night at a shooting in Las Vegas Nevada. This is only an hour and a half from our home and my heart immediately went out to all those affected by this devastating tragedy. I suddenly wanted to hold on even my babies and family even tighter than I was before, my babies who I want to protect and keep safe from all that is happening in the world right now. It just makes me sick.

I felt so much sadness come over me and my heart truly aced.  Even tears came to my eyes just thinking about all those breaking hearts of those who have lost their loved ones in such an awful upsetting manner.

I tried to shake the sadness just long enough to get the boys dropped off to school. I made them kiss and hug me just a little longer than usual and made sure they knew how much I love them. It was hard to see them go today but I knew they would be okay.  I had this thought come to me as I watched them run into their school that through all this sadness and tragedy we are facing in the world right now all we can do right now is reach up to our God and Savior and pray for peace, comfort and protection. Pray for those affected in the Las vegas shooting and pray for their broken hearts to be comforted by the grace of God.

When I got home from taking the boys, Gibson asked if I would paint with her. I said I would love to and we started painting. I ended up painting this photo above of Vegas because that’s all that has been on my mind today. And even though this terrible act our country is facing is so heartbreaking, it also is amazing to see how everyone is coming together out of love to help and give in anyway they can. On the radio they said how people were already lined up this morning to donate blood for the victims. This painting above is for them for all those affected. It represents that through this dark and cruel act Vegas has seen, our nation has seen. There is still love and will always be love. We are praying for you Las Vegas.



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