Ditty Bird Interactive Children’s Songs Books

I grew up listening to classical music and have been trying to instill that with my own kiddos. We would have a set time during the day where the younger kids would nap and the older kids would have quiet time. My Mom would play classical music in the background while we did some sort of quiet activity; looking at books, coloring in a coloring books, painting with chocolate pudding (definitely a favorite!), sewing, playing with dolls or drawing with chalk. Still to this day when I hear a certain classical song come on, it instantly takes me back to these childhood memories. So nostalgic? 

When we discovered these Ditty Bird books they instantly became a top favorite in our children’s books collection. A favorite one is the Classical Music book, it plays six classical songs including The Four Seasons, Spring – Vivaldi and Fur Elise – Beethoven by the push of a button as you read through the story. They’re completely baby friendly and the little loves love to read them to baby Lo. Nixon even started singing along to one of the songs in the Musical Instrument Sounds book that I had no idea he knew! And Losee always starts to do a little dance every time one of the songs comes on. It’s the cutest thing.

You know that saying, what goes around comes around? It’s funny because my Mom always told me how she would have to distract me with a book in order to get me to eat. Wellllll Losee babe is starting to be the exact same way! She’s always grabbing at the spoon right as I’m about to put it in her mouth, so I tried distracting her with a book and it seems to be doing the trick! Gibby is also a good help at keeping her distracted as I try to shovel oatmeal with fruit into baby girls mouth haha;) She’s such a cute little stink! She’ll shake her head “no” right as I’m about to put the spoon in her mouth! She’s such a silly little girl and keeps us laughing daily. I also just noticed her first top tooth coming in!!! She’s just growing up way too fast. 

That face and hand placement though.!!!!!

These cute Ditty Bird books are available on Amazon!

children's books that play music

Now I’m just wondering when we will be able to get through story time without any wrestling matches in between! haha.

Good ol’ Mom life! A Mama can dream right. 😉

Have a good one!

Ditty Bird Song Books


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