Mini Golfing

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Last Spring when we were living in Missouri, Ev and Nix went on a little date mini golfing. It was Nixon’s first time going and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. He brought it up again the other week, so Evan made it a priority to write on the calendar with a bright green marker “Take Nixon Mini Golfing”

All the days leading up to it, all we heard was “is today the day we go mini golfing?!!” haha he really couldn’t wait to go. When the day finally came, I’m not sure who was more excited him or us ;))  Ev had hair clients that morning so once he was finished, we picked him up from the salon and headed over to Fiesta Fun.

When we “FINALLY GOT THERE” (in Nixon’s words, just drag out the finally a little) they raced inside to pick out their golf ball color. Jovi chose red, Nix chose black, Gibson chose purple, dad got blue and I got pink. Looking back now, Ev and I really didn’t need to pay for us to play, we were basically helping one of them hit their ball or chasing Gibs around the whole time, but it was still a fun little family outing. But not we know what to expect for future mini golf outings.


Poor Gibby kinda lost it when she hit her ball in a hole and didn’t think she would be getting it back, but really it had just gone down a tunnel and was on the next hole just below us. Once we reassured her, her “pupple” (purple) ball wasn’t missing she was back in the game with smiles all around.


Nix was so funny and wanted to keep his hat and sunglasses on the entire time.

He claims they gave him good luck.


I was a little shocked I actually made it through that whole holding Gibson and hitting with one hand, I’m starting to think she was my good luck;)



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