Something I could have never Imagined!

My Sisters and I are really close, we always have been. They’re my best friends and I’m so grateful to have them in my life! I honestly never imagined that we would all have girls around the same age!! Like, whhhhhat is this even real?? It really is a dream come true and I feel very blessed and grateful everyday. My sister Chantelle, (just 19 months to the date younger than me) had little Novie girl five days just before Losee was born and then, my other Sissy Kylie had her little girl Yui six month before both of us — Along with my Best friend (but more like other Sister) Lindsy. Her little girl Ivy and Yui are only 2 days apart! Four little girlies all within a year!! It’s seriously the best. It will be so fun to watch them all grow up together, built in best friends.

Lo is getting reallll close to walking these days. Just yesterday she took 4 steps!!!

My bebe girl is growing up way too fast.

 little Yui babe!! She really is just too much!! 

p.s All of these darling swimmers are from Pennie Swim!

mommy and me matching swimming suitspennie swim

It’s so funny growing up, people would never believe that Chantelle and I were Sisters. haha. We were joint at the hip and did EVERYTHING together. I still remember hanging out with a new group of people and one of the guys didn’t believe we were Sisters because of how well we got along. So we had to show him our licenses as proof. ha!

Little Novie and her gorgeous blue eyes!!!! If you guys haven’t seen this adorable video of her rocking out to her daddy playing the ukulele you need to go watch it!!!

Loved Up Light Photography captured these photos and they will always be a treasure to me. Playing at the beach with my sisters and our girls. Oh my heart.


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