Picnics – bubbles – and friends.

My good friend Charity is in town from Idaho. We pretty much grew up together so it’s always a fun time when they come down to visit. She has two little girls, who as you can see ^^ are simply gorgeous. Nixon & Norah have been buddies since they were just wee ones in diapers. (they just didn’t know it then.) Their relationship has turned into something really quite cute. They play very well together and help each other out along the way.  For example I hear Nixon say, “here Norah, I’ll hold the bubble stick for you” and then it was Norah’s job to blow the bubbles. Probably one of the cutest things I have see from these too yet.
Chairty’s younger girl is named Jane. Her and Gibson hung together and fed each others cheerios and Jovi went back and forth from checking on the babies to see what Nix and Norah were up to. He’s my chill child and most of the time likes to do his own thing.

It’s pretty fun when your good friends children get along with yours. I wish all my good friends with little ones didn’t have to live so far away!!;(
Plus we kind of,  sort of have an arranged marriage thing going on between Nixon and Norah… There’s no pressure at all, they just have our complete full blessing if they ever decide to go with it;)

Much love,

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