Backyard Movie

The other day, my Dad and brothers spent a couple of hours fixing their projector to that we could start watching movies in the backyard again. The last time we did this was right before my  brother Skyler left for a LDS mission, so once they finally got it working again it was fun to remittence about the past.
We watched Big Hero 6 and ate popcorn and Popsicles while laying on blankets and pillows. We even got our our private firework show from the neighbors behind my parents. It was pretty awesome! And ended up being a perfect night.
A picture with all of my Sisters!
Starting from the left;  Kandi, Rylee, Chantelle, Kylie and Me.
Yoshiki, my parents newest exchange student from Japan! Since we were young, we have also had exchange students staying with it, we even still keep in contact with a few of them! We are always so sad to see them go. Yoshiki only has one more week until he heads back and then another student will be arriving a few weeks after that. I’m hoping that once Ev and I get into a house, we can host one too! I think my kids would love that because they have really been enjoying hanging out with the ones my parents has hosted this summer. So we will see. 🙂
After the movie, all the kids dance in front of the projector light and put on their own movie.
they loved seeing their shadows on the sheet dancing along with them too. I love creating fun memories and feel so blessed to have the family that I have. Really, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I almost feel guilty sometimes being so close to my family knowing that not everyone has that privilege. But who knows, our life is always changing so I’m taking it all in while I can. Family is everything.

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