7 Things I always Forget to Pack When Traveling With Kids

what to pack for a roadtrip with kids

Let’s face it, as much as I love going on trips with my little Fam, packing for them is a whole other story! I’ve learned that at least for me, it takes a lot, a LOT longer than I think to pack for our family of six. It’s pretty much a workout in itself!! not.even.joking. And even when I think I’ve packed every last possible thing we could need, there was always something I had missed or wished I had packed. Sooo to fix this problem, I’ve done a few things different this last time around. First, I simplified our packing to only the things we need, not “might need” Another thing I’ve done is I made a list of things I always seem to forget!!! Hoping this will lessen those chances of forgetting. I’ll list them below…

1. Baby bottle brush 

I swear this one is sooo convenient to have on vacation yet sooo easy to forget to pack!! That’s why it has made it to my number 1 on the list. I’ve been a big fan of the boon bottle drying rack ever since Nix was little, and they recently launched a bottle brush traveling kit that I’m obsessed with! I love that you can just fold up and throw it right in a purse or suit case and you’re good to go.

2. Sippy cups (I’m loving these ones)

We have had way too many spills in the car then I would like to admit, so cups with lids are a new rule in our mini van. Plus they are super nice to have at the hotel or where ever we are staying. Less spills-less mess=happy Mama 😉

3. Children’s Tylenol

This is nice to have if someone ends up getting sick. Saves for late night trips to the store.

4.Extra bags for dirty laundry

I hate it when the dirty clothes get mixed with the clean ones so having extra bags for dirty laundry helps to keep them separated! Then when we get home or near a washer and dryer all we have to do is dump it in the washer.

5. Empty grocery bags for garbage throughout the drive

Of course with all the snacks come empty bags and garbage so having a grocery bag the littles can throw all their empty trash into helps keep the van somewhat clean while traveling. Then, when we make a stop, we just have to throw away the grocery sacks vs trying to gather all the garbage around the van once we have stopped.

6. A couple Storybooks

When we go on trips, we like to still keep somewhat of a routine with the kiddos, and storytime is part of our nightly routine. On the times I forgot to pack books, I would just read something on my phone. But there just something about picking up a storybook vs a phone that I prefer doing, so trying hard to not forget this one anymore!

7. Pool/beach towels

There’s been a few times I forgot to pack towels so we ended up having to barrow some, which was fine, I would just prefer bringing our own!

So there it is! that’s my list, now I’m hoping this next trip I won’t been forgetting anything 😉 And hopefully I will be helpful to one of you for the next time you are packing for a family vacay!

My Little helper. Glad someone likes cleaning the bottles 😉






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  • Sara
    July 27, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    I had no idea boon made a travel set! This is a game changer!

    • Tayli
      July 27, 2017 at 4:06 pm

      Right?!!! Seriously so nice!