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Nixon’s eighth Birthday is coming up and I honestly can’t believe I’m going to have eight year old?!! What in the world. It’s so crazy how fast time is flying by lately. Something that we have been working on this week is, I started a new thing where on Sunday’s we sit down together with the little loves and set a few goals for the week. This weeks goal for the kiddos is to talk nicer to each other and stop with the name calling.  Man oh man, anyone else  kiddos like to tease each other?!! So in effort to try and minimize this, they each get to earn daily points, and if they do anything to upset another person or tease they get a point taken away. Then on Friday we will see how many points everyone has and depending on that number they will earn some type of treat or reward. We are trying to focus more on the things they do right each day by acknowledging them first and then when they do make a mistake or tease we have them acknowledged their actions and what they can change or do better in the next situation. It’s all still a learning progress and we are definitely still trying to figure this parenting thing out 😉 but we are growing together both us parents and kiddos so I think thats all that matters.

One thing Ive been noticing with our kiddos when the teasing is increased, it’s usually from being board or not feeling good internally. So once we identify where the problem is coming from, it’s then a lot easier to help them solve it! Something that we have been trying to do more of now that the weather is warming up, is GET OUTSIDE MORE!! We started making a list of things to do when the kiddos are starting to feel restless or board and just need something to do. I’ll list a few below!

  1. Playing “eye spy” with binoculars
  2. Riding their bikes
  3. Hunting for lizards
  4. Seeing how many dandelions they can pick in the backyard
  5. Drawing each others shadows with chalk
  6. Watering the garden
  7. Blowing bubbles outside

I think out of this list, their favorite one lately  has been playing eye spy outside with their binoculars! It’s so cute to watch them and the binoculars actually really work! I’ve been surprised at how well they have been entertained by them haha. I have a discount code to get 25% off for any one is interested! >>>OZ9Z6XJY<<<

outside activities for kidskid binocularsbinoculars for kids

Hi Gibby girl!!!

Losee babe wanted a turn too, buy mostly just to see how they tasted ;)haha

binocularsactivities for kids

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!



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