summer activitiesI’m pretty sure that cabin fever runs high in our blood, because we can’t seem to be cooped up inside for too long!  Exactly why I live for little adventures with my littles. We just love being outside and exploring! Just this weekend, everyone had the bad case of the grumps or “cabin fever” but in our own home haha, so some fresh air and a little adventure was just what we were all needing. We found a couple frogs, some cool walking sticks and three dragonflies. We ended up by a little stream and decided to walked through it. It felt to good to have the cool water running over our toes especially in this Summer heat! I’ve recently been on the hunt for some good river sandals and these Teva Olowahu sandals I got from Famous Footwear have honestly the perfect combo of comfort and durable for keeping up with the littles, not to mention some of the most comfy sandals I’ve ever owned. Gibby tried them on for fun when I first got them and said, “wow this are so squishy and nice to walk in!” haha. I love her. Probably should get her a pair.

womens river sandals

It was so nice to get out for some fresh air and a change of scenery. It was exactly what we were all needing and the perfect start to a new week.


Five Summer Activities with Littles

  1. Get out and explore! It can be as simple as a new park you have never been to, somewhere close by in nature or somewhere in town, just be creative and make it fun!
  2. Scavenger hunt. My kiddos looooove this one. I think of simple things to find outside and draw them on a map for them. Every time they spot one of the items on the map, they cross it off. Once we get them all crossed off we celebrate with a special treat.
  3. Play eye spy when you’re out running errands. Getting their mind off the “boring errands” and making it fun has been key for us!
  4.  Make creations out of recyclable things around the house. My kiddos love to create! And lately they have found a lot of fun in turning plastic cups, and boxes with the help of some duct tape into different creations.
  5. Get the kiddos involved in planning the activities. We let one of our kiddos suggest some things they would like us all to do that day and let them call all the shots, within reason of course. We make it “their day” and they love it! We rotate throughout the week or month on letting each of the kiddos have a turn at creating “their day” and have the whole family involved in making it a fun day for them.

Jovi found a five dollar bill he had put in his pocket from his birthday a couple weeks ago. He was pretty stoked!

Nothing makes my heart happier than watching my babies explore

Baby girl is always on the ruuuuuun!

The boys thought it would be funny to tell Gibby girl that Bigfoot was probably lived right behind where they were sitting. Little stinkers! I think they ended up scaring themselves more than her though haha. They all booked it right after I snapped these.

Carrying little sissy off to “safety” Jovi really is such a sweet big brother.

kids fashion

So obsessed with these little loves of mine!! I truly feel so blessed to be their Mama.

summer activities with kids

Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


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  • Alena
    July 12, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    What a beautiful adventure. Beautiful family