Our Fourth of July

I love my little buddy Cope.

I think it’s safe to say, this years fourth of July was one of the best. 
The wee ones and I slept in while Papa bear went rock climbing with his buddy.
Nixon and I were the first to get up and started working on the dessert we were in charge of bringing. 
He did a fabulous job at helping me dip the chocolate covered strawberries into the sprinkles. 
At noon, we met my family over at the pool for some fun. 
We played music, splashed around and got kissed by the sun. 
After we were all swam out, we headed over to Kylie & Kenny’s for a BBQ, more music, marshmallow & toothpick towers, face painting, crafts, sparklers and then watched the fireworks from their back deck. 
This year, they had fireworks going off in two different locations and we had the perfect view of them both. It was awesome! 
Half way through the day, I accidentally formatted my memory card on my camera and last all my pictures!!!!! :(( I was pretty bummed about it. Luckily I had loaded some of the pics and video clips from the pool onto my comp earlier so I didn’t lose those, 
It was a pretty fun memorable Fourth of July!!
Hope everyone had a good one as well!!
Here is a little vid I put together with the clips from the pool. 

 photo taylisig_zps31f65bb1.png

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